About Thyroid Diary

As I mentioned in this post,I am a thirty plus lady who is diagnosed with Hypothyroidism.(Underactive Thyroid) I have undergone many emotional changes,stressful moments and challenges which I couldnt bear sometimes.Sometimes I hated my thyroid gland.Howeevr,finally I am living with it.I know how to control my diet and emotional changes.I understand only medication cannot control my thyroid gland’s function.Instead I have to maintain my lifestyle which helps to keep a healthy thyroid gland.

Through this blog,I finally started sharing helpful information about thyroid conditions and mainly my focus is on Hypothyroidism which I have more experiences.

Below are some of the milestones of my Thyroid Diary.

2002 – Diagnosed with Hyperthyroidism (overactive Thyroid)

2003 – Undergone a radioactive treatment and started treatments for underactive thyroid.(Hypothyroidism)

2004-2012 -Continue with thyroxine medication together with lot of blood tests,hormone imbalances.

2012- Instead of depending on medication only,I started self controlling.Yoga and meditation helped me a lot to maintain a healthy life.

end of 2012 -Finally  I was conceived and gave birth to a lovely baby.

2012 to date – I continue doctor advice,medications,but I mainly control my diet and emotions.I found my life is more comfortable in this way.

Join with me.Share with me your ideas.

However ,please read my disclosure before using this site.

Disclosure: I am diagnosed with Hypothyroidism,but I am not a healthcare professional to give advice.This blog is only for sharing information and my experiences.Always contact your doctor for advice.