Thyroid Diary – Finally it Happened

Thyroid Diary is a long time dream for me to share my experience with living with an under-active Thyroid.I planned many times to create a blog to share my experience with others.But,with other commitments in my life I always missed creating a blog for thyroid symptoms and how to deal with a gland that actually doesn’t support me.

Hope you will find this site as helpful.I am a thirty something mom for one who is diagnosed with thyroid problem in 2003.Since then,I struggle with this not so comfortable condition.Join with me and share with me how do you treat your thyroid and what are the advice that you can share to the others.

I hope this site would be a helpful place for those who look for thyroid support.However I am not a medical expert to share advice.Instead what I share through this Thyroid Diary blog is my experience when living with an under-active thyroid.

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